Three questions answered

  • Why do kids need families?
  • What does the word "orphan" mean to you?
  • If you could have one wish for orphans, what would it be?


Medical Intervention

Through our projects, we help fund heart surgeries for orphaned children and provide pulse oximetry equipment to medical foster homes and orphanages through our "Hearts of Hope" project. To date, we have helped fund heart surgeries for five children, and we have shipped over sixty sophisticated units to help monitor blood oxygen levels in medically-fragile orphaned and abandoned children. 

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Hearts of Hope 2018

Phase II of our project to place pulse oximetry equipment in medical foster homes and orphanages.

Hearts of Hope 2017

Phase I of our project to place pulse oximetry equipment in medical foster homes and orphanages. 


"Say Yes" Adoption Grant

In 2016,  our "Say Yes" adoption grants started as a $300 reimbursement for a  family's application fee - one of the initial points at which they gave  their YES to the adoption process.  In 2017, we were able to increase that amount to $350.   

In 2018, as agency application fees rose, our grants grew to $500 PLUS a strategic prayer partner from Ignite Hope, a special ministry devoted to prayer in the process.  

In  2019, we were able to double our impact and give families $1,000 that will not only offset their application fee, but will also begin helping them chip  away at those next steps in the process..

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"Say Yes" 2018

A recap of our "Say Yes" grant program in 2018.

"Say Yes" 2017

 A recap of our "Say Yes" grant program in 2018. 


Meeting basic needs

We currently have thirteen children in our sponsorship program from Uganda, Cambodia, and China. For as little as $25/month, you can sponsor a child's care and you will receive updates on their progress.  See "Sponsorship" tab. In addition to this program, we take on special projects in areas of need with partner organizations.

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We are comprised of a high school English teacher, an artist, the Stewardship Director for a Catholic Church, a Realtor, a homeschooling Stay-at-Home Mom, the Founder of a baseball team for children with disabilities, and a Stay-at-home Mom/CEO of this non-profit organization. Collectively, we have 26 children, grandchildren, and little ones in Heaven and have gone through eleven adoption processes! We share a love for all children, regardless of where they were born, and we are very passionate about our mission. We are also fortunate to have many wonderful volunteers to help us accomplish our goals, through social media and locally.