Meet Lawrence Paul

This sweet two-year-old boy is living in the baby home and is being treated for his medical  condition of sickle cell anemia. Lawrence Paul is ADOPTABLE! Please  contact us for his agency information. 

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Meet Byron

Byron is 1.5 year old baby who is physically & intellectually disabled and has a seizure disorder. It  is reported that Byron is a very peaceful boy who loves to receive  cuddles and affection.  

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Meet Josie

Josie has been living at the Tender Hearts  home for three years. She was found at a hospital in critical condition,  suffering from severe malnutrition. She has been diagnosed with a  physical and mental disability. As of August 2019, Josie needs a family!  Contact us if you'd like more information.  

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Meet Matthew

Matthew was referred to the Tender Hearts home for care in 2016. He is diagnosed as having a physical and mental disability.   

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Meet Martin

Martin is  diagnosed as having a physical disability, which is likely Cerebral  Palsy. He is approximately 12 years old, and a search for his birth family was unsuccessful. 

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Meet Andre

This little  guy has a wonderful smile, in spite of the many challenges he faces. He  is a ten-year-old orphaned child who has been in the Tender Hearts home  for over two years. After family tragedy, he was referred for care.  Andre is blind and mute with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. He is  capable of sitting, moving himself a bit, feeding himself, and moving  his body to the sound of music. ANDRE IS ADOPTABLE! Please contact us  for agency information! 

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Orphans in Uganda

program in partnership with Love Without Boundaries

 These  children from Uganda are older children with significant special needs.  They reside in the Tender Hearts home, located on a beautiful plot of  hilltop land on the outskirts of Kampala. The home is operated by Ken  and Cathy Nganda, native Ugandans who have their own nonprofit (Heart of  a Child) and have dedicated their lives to caring for orphaned,  abandoned, abused, and neglected children. The majority of children at  the home arrive into care in fragile condition, many with medical  diagnoses such as HIV and severe malnutrition. They require ongoing  close monitoring and attention from the home’s specially trained,  live-in nannies. The Ngandas' goal for each abandoned child is for  family reunification whenever possible. Social workers employed by the  home work tirelessly to find extended family members who can care for  the children once they have been restored to health. Foster care options  are being developed, as we believe so strongly in the importance of  family care for children, but the process is slow. Family-based foster  care for a non-relative (versus the common informal kinship care  arrangements) is new in Uganda. The  hope is that appropriate foster families can be found for these children  while they wait for foster care, adoption, or reunification with a  birth family member, but that does not appear to be likely anytime in  the near future, especially for older children with significant special  needs. These children have been designated specifically for Open Hearts  for Orphans, and as you consider sponsoring them financially, we ask  that you please pray for them as well.